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You can change the day, rewind, stop, and advance the time. How much damage do you want get for every enemy attack? Replace the???? How much Magic do you want to use? Codes in Post The best codes for TLOZ are in the first post of my only thread. Edit Reason: Grammar 2. Admentus Nothing but perfection for gaming. This is really super impressive. I don't know how you exactly find the region offsets and values.

But I must say I have respect for you for bringing the ultimate Ocarina of Time experience.

How To Download The Best PS2 Emulator And Games For PC! Everything Works! 2020!

Thanks for the tip, Admentus. I never before saw Kakariko Village so full of life. Could you port for example that code or make a similar code for the collector's edition version of Majora's Mask? Or apply a heart recovery modifier effect to Ocarina of Time and Master Quest? Majora's Mask could also benefit from code's such as damage and heart recovery modifiers. If even possible extended distance. Thanks a lot, darkludx!

When I'm home, I'll try the draw distance code immediately. About the widescreen fix which I suppose is the same as alwaysI've tried some time ago to extend the view even more to make use of the free camera, and for wider aspect ratios.

Gurukul High School

That screwed the hookshot red dot, making it the size of the entire screen, and the viewing angle didn't improve much. CPU: Intel Core i5 k 4. Mmmm, I'm not seeing any difference at all. NPCs, grass and little rocks appear at the same distance as always.This game is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time. Even if I write the best adjetives trying to just begin to describe this game, I know I would fall short. This game has all the magic of the first Ocarina of Time, with the differences that the dungeons have different aspects to solve riddles, for instance, you will have to use your ocarina even more and the magic that the fairies give you will have to be used more as well.

Another addition is the different locations that the skultulas are placed and now you will have more difficulty to find them. The graphics are a little bit improved for the Gamecube power engine, so you will notice some light effects a liitle sharper, other than that they are the same. Just a piece of advice, i you haven't played the first Ocarina of Time yet, try do it first before playing this one, so you can appreciate the differences altogether.

Thank you Nintendo for giving us this amazing game! It's free, easy and feels damn good! For starters, share this page with your friends.

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In other words, we make cheat codes here. I've been noticing a lot of activity lately, especially with users filling code requests. It's exciting to see code hackers come out of the fold and making some new codes for our favorite games! I want to remind everyone that our website is an interactive database, and anyone with a Hacker status can add their own codes for any game.

Wii clear Game ID list (by m0p)

With our database being used for more and more applications and projects, it's important that we stay the top site for delivering the best codes for all of these platforms. You'll be able to add codes, fill requests, and edit your own codes at any time. So how can you get this status? Just stop in our Discord server, or our forums, and ask!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest

You'll be adding your own codes in no time. View Thread. New Users not getting confirmation email? There is an issue with the email system so in the mean time an Admin such as myself will have to manually Register you. Best way to contact one of us is through Discord where you can contact me and I will adjust the account. Tony H is now a GameHacking. Friday, June 22nd at pm by Lazy Bastard 17 Replies. Tony H is a veteran game hacker and has been a mainstay at GameHacking. He's always been helpful to visitors, members, and staff alike, and is a great asset to the community.

Tony H is hereby promoted from Moderator to Super Moderator, with moderation privileges for all forums.By Kurt91Sep 9, 29, 6 0. Level 6. Joined: Sep 9, Messages: Country:. Hey guys. Been lurking around the site for quite a while now, but finally needed to ask something for myself, so I signed up. I'm trying to figure out how to run Wii games off of an 8GB flash drive, mainly so that I can set up an educational game for my kindergarten-age little brother.

His birthday was too late for him to enter kindergarten by only a couple of days, so we're trying to home-school him. I'm borrowing a flash drive from my sister to try and get this set up with, and am testing this with an ISO of "Sonic and the Black Knight".

My computer won't access the site to download the kindergarten game right now, and I'm working with what I've already got. I originally assumed it would be as easy as copying the game to the flash drive, plugging it into the Wii, and playing it from there, like when I use the SD card to play GameCube games.

It isn't registering, so I spent a bit of time looking things up to figure out the problem. It seems that I need to set up the flash drive as an external hard drive before I can do anything with it. This is where my questions come in. First off, like I said earlier, this is a borrowed flash drive that may be needed later on for storing schoolwork on.

After converting it as a hard drive, will it still be usable as a normal flash drive? If not, is the process reversible? Second, how would I actually do this? Final question, and this is more about the game file itself than anything else. I'm trying to use WiiScrubber to shrink down the file size and compress it. The initial settings when I compressed it into a. ZIP folder only shrunk it from around 4GB to about 3. I re-did the settings to as much compression as possible, and am re-doing it.

However, my computer says 7-Zip is going to need a couple hours to do this. Not a top-of-the-line laptop Did I do something wrong at some point, because I've read of people compressing their games down to around to MB. Will it play on the Wii while compressed, or does it need un-compressed first?

Sorry if it seems like I'm asking a lot. The different guides don't seem to explain it quite well enough for me, and I don't want to screw anything up by mistake. GBAtemp Patron. Level 8.

Joined: Jul 1, Messages: 1, Country:. So, I don't need to convert it as a hard drive? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I checked under the Properties tab on my computer, and it claims that the flash drive is formatted as FAT I did not re-format it at all, I just opened up the packaging and plugged it in to put files on it. If it helps any, the flash drive in question is an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Switch, a pink flash drive with a flip-around lid. Remember, it's borrowed from my sister. Level 4. Joined: Jan 15, Messages: Country:.By sabykosJun 10, 6, 40, Nintendont By sabykosJun 10, 6, 40, Thread Tools Thread Tools.

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I've found the build that breaks Melee for me, it's r Dondaa Advanced Member. Level 1. Joined: Jun 1, Messages: 50 Country:. Level 5. Joined: Jun 21, Messages: Country:. Joined: Jun 9, Messages: 5, Country:. Joined: Mar 3, Messages: 9, Country:. FIX94 Former Staff. Joined: Dec 3, Messages: 7, Country:. This message by EtahnJay has been removed from public view by FIX94Jun 4,Reason: mentioning sites which contain illegal content.

Jun 4, Show. Joined: Mar 25, Messages: 46 Country:. How is one supposed to dump Mario Kart GP?

d43e01 iso

Level 6. Joined: Jun 7, Messages: Country:. EtahnJay Advanced Member. Joined: Aug 27, Messages: 95 Country:. ShadowOne likes this. Adeka Beta Tester. Level 9. Joined: Mar 19, Messages: 4, Country:. Someone please update what "Nintendon't doesn't do yet" by moving the Disc switching option. ShadowOne I've just test the game with cheats option off, and the libraries still are unlockedso once you have turn ON the cheats, and you save the game, the cheats will be saved too, except for the infinite life in some games, but I think you already know that, if you need something else, I'll ve here.

Goku Junior likes this. Joined: Feb 21, Messages: 84 Country:. I'm not sure why, but ever since the code was moved over after the copyright claim for the DSP patches, I have been unable to get super mario sunshine to work. I have tried removed all save files and have been consistently updating.The following are the games available for the GameCube by year of release for each region.

Mamono Fight!! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Tuned Capcom July 3, 01 All. This article has not been classed yet. Electronic Arts Victor. Luigi's Mansion. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Super Smash Bros. Universal Studios Japan. All-Star Baseball Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. Captain Tsubasa: Ougon Sedai no Chousen. Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest. Disney Sports Basketball. Disney Sports Football.

Disney Sports Skateboarding. Disney Sports Soccer. Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness.

d43e01 iso

Eisei Meijin VI. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Evolution Skateboarding. Evolution Worlds. FIFA Soccer Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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d43e01 iso

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