Citroen c5 automatic gearbox fault

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 22 May - PM. Posted 23 May - PM. Hi all. I am hoping someone can help with a problem that has come up on our model Citroen C5 1. The car looks like it has gone into limp mode, where it seems to be very sluggish like it's always in a high gear.

An indication has come up in the central cockpit display also showing 'Gearbox Fault'. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how was it cured. I have done some research on Google and it looks to have been a common fault on the earlier Citroen C5. But I have yet to find out what this 'common fault' was. I'd rather had a reasonable idea before I take it to a mechanic out of the yellow pages who'd probably advise a new gearbox Also, can anyone recommend a decent independent Citroen garage in the North West please, so I can get this fixed in the knowledge that the garage won't rip me off?

Thanks very much. Most Citroens have a limp home mode to prevent further damage ton the engine and gearbox, It could be something as simple as a gearbox sensor gone faulty.

Thanks a lot for the contact. I will give the above place a call tomorrow to see if they can assist. Searching through the archives, I see someone else had this problem and it turned out to be a faulty gearbox solenoid.

Are there any other citroen gearbox specialists recommended in the North West, just in case these guys can't help? The car is driveable so it shouldn't be too much of an issue getting it there. Thanks again!. Posted 25 May - PM. Posted 30 May - PM. Are you referring to these or the gearbox oil? One thing I have noticed, the fault is not so much there until you have driven around for about 15 minutes or so, like when the engine has warmed up.

Then the gearbox indication fault comes up and it starts getting very very jerky when the gearbox attempts gear changes as the car chugs along. It's interesting to hear that you had the same sort of symptoms though and it was cured so look forward to your reply.

Posted 31 May - PM. Excellent, thanks for the reply. You mention the filler plug is in the gearbox top mounting. Is this easily accessible once the engine undertray is off? Do you know where the gearbox drain bolt and gearbox filter is please? We already enquired with a local dealer and they were practically no help at all as they said the gearbox was non maintenance and you couldn't refill the gearbox oil! Thanks again.Page of Go. Table of Contents. Page 3 We draw your attention to the following Page 8 Familiarisation Familiarisation The engine restarts automatically as soon as you want to move off.

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Tank capacity: approximately 60 litres. With the electronic key on your person and in the defined zone A around the vehicle, pass your hand behind the door handle to unlock the vehicle, then pull on the handle to open the door.

Page 14 Switch panels Illumination of the warning lamp indicates the state of the corresponding function. Deactivation of parking sensors. Activation of lane departure warning. Deactivation of the DSC system.

Deactivation of the alarm. Opening the fuel filler flap. Backrest angle adjustment. Seat cushion height adjustment. Seat forwards-backwards adjustment. Driver's lumbar support adjustment. Electrical Angle, seat height and seat forwards- backwards adjustment. Page Instrument Panel Instruments and controls Bonnet release lever.

citroen c5 2003 2.0L gearbox fault al4 .fixed

Driver's airbag. Headlamp height adjustment. Side adjustable air vents. Page 17 Familiarisation Page Head Restraint Adjustment Sitting comfortably Head restraint adjustment Steering wheel adjustment Heated seats control To lower it, simultaneously press button A and Release the adjustment mechanism.

Adjust for height and reach. To raise it, guide the head restraint upwards to 3. Selection of the left or right mirror. Rear view mirror adjustment. Adjusting the position of the mirror glass. De-selection of the mirror. Lighting off. Fast wipe. Normal wipe. Intermittent wipe. Briefly push the stalk downwards or place Sidelamps. With the ignition on, the instrument panel With the ignition on, the orange and red extent of their travel then return to 0.

Left hand front seat belt not fastened or E. Left hand rear seat belt not fastened or unfastened warning lamp.Moderator: RichardW. Its donemiles, always serviced, but a problem with the tip tronic autobox which I believe is an AL4 as it doesn't have a dipstick on the box.

From cold, if you try to push the car too hard, you get a clunk from the box presumably it shifting into a safer gearservice light comes on, MFD displays "Automatic Gearbox Fault" and essentially its driving around in limp mode.

Does this sound like I should be draining the old oil and renewing? Previous owner said it used to do this occasionally, simply pulling over, switching off the engine and restarting would cure it, but then its now at least three times in a journey it will do it. Other than that, the car drives lovely, was going to break it up for another C5 that needs fixing, but frankly, i'd rather get this one running right and keep it as its in good condition and has been looked after.

citroen c5 automatic gearbox fault

Thanks in advance. There is only one way to diagnose this and that's to have a Lexia Diagniostic carried out Depending on where you live, a fellow member may be able to assist. Have a look at the bottom of this page - Lexia Locations - for one who may be nearby. Good luck and I trust that'll help to nail it You probably have the pressure regulation fault.

The bad news is, when people have persevered driving cars for a long while with this fault it seems to inflict more significant damage upon the gearbox. You may be lucky; the fix if it is just the two electrovalves is cheap and simple by comparison with a clutch job on a manual. When I picked up my car with just 30k miles on, the cold gearshifts were awful.

Gearbox Fault Indication/symptoms

I did a double oild flush on the gearbox and it was transformed. It is certainly your cheapest option as a starting point. There is also an oil wear counter which counts up to a preset value, and once reached it will flash the snow and sports lights while putting a message on the display. If you change the oil be sure to get the counter reset.If you're using our site we'll assume you're happy with this. More here. Can I still buy a car during the coronavirus situation?

The C5 is a seriously underrated car. You may think that I quite like the C5 Exclusive Yes they are slightly 'quirky', but things like the static steering wheel hub with loads of buttons on it and the unusual concave shaped rear window, the slightly strange hydro-pneumatic suspension, add to the charm, ride and looks of the car. The only issue with French cars is that they are a buyers market, not a sellers, because of depreciation.

citroen c5 automatic gearbox fault

But think about it, do you want to buy a second hand BMW, Merc or Audi just because you can tell everyone that you have one, or would you like a car that you, your friends and family will love and enjoy and is great to drive, especially of you do long distances?

If the latter, then go out and get a low mileage C5 Exclusive!

citroen c5 automatic gearbox fault

Bought the car from a main dealer 3 years ago with 55, on clock got a years warrent from Citroen and renewed it for 2 years best thing I ever did. Now have coveredCar drives great and the warrenty covered a new steering rack.

Citroen C5 reviews

Overall a very good car. This is without doubt the best car I've had. I've been doing approx miles per year and it is faultless. If you sit at 60mph it will so 65mpg on a long run. It's also a very good looking car, and exclusive.

You'll see 10 bmw 3 series and the like, to one of these. I've never really been much of a Citroen fan in the past, but after this car I'd have nothing else. The C5 has been a brilliant car, comfortable, great for space and a smooth ride. The Exclusive model has all the extras, including a juke box where you can copy your favourite cd tracks. Also a phone card slot where you can have your own car phone number. The hydrolastic suspension is fantastic and gives a smoother ride than more expensive cars.

Mine has now donemiles with low maintenance costs, servicing at 20, miles intervals. The automatic Diesel engine is smooth and responsive. A great shame that Citroen have now discontinued the C5 series. I have driven this car from new and look forward to keeping it for another 10 years maybe somewhat optimistic of me!

Owned for 12 years. Some annoying electrical problems but nothing significantly irritating. Silent comfortable cruiser. If I could buy another I would! Comfortable long distance cruiser. Good dash with large choice of display options.

Overall mpg 47Long journeys Cruise control good for average speed camera zones and economy.Moderator: RichardW. C5 Auto gearbox Problem? Ive been a C5 owner for about 8 years on and off and have never had any problems with the cars ive owned. I have just bought an 04 C5 2. Gearchange between 1st and 2nd is a bit dodgy at normal or harder acceleration. It seems as if it slips slightly when engaging 2nd gear. It seems to be the same when either cold or hot.

If pulling away slowly like your grandad drives it goes into 2nd gear without a problem. All other gearchanges are nice and smooth. The cars only done miles with FSH but there is no record of a change of oil in the gearbox. Could i be lucky with just a change of oil? Or is is it something more sinister?

Many thanks in advance Jon. Re: C5 Auto gearbox Problem? It should most definitely not be slipping when engaging 2nd gear, and it could be an early warning sign of impending failure. There is no recommended service interval for oil changes for either gearbox, they are "sealed for life" according to Citroen, so you're unlikely to see any record of an oil change.

Unfortunately it seems that the "life" in sealed for life is about 10 years ormiles on these boxes, long enough for the manufacturer to get out of any liability. When you say you've only "just" bought it, do you mean literally in the last few days or weeks? And did it exhibit this symptom right from the beginning? Dealer or private sale? If it was a dealer sale and it did it right from the get go I would seriously consider going back to them with the issue on the basis that it's not fit for sale, chances are left untreated the box will fail at some point in the near future if the clutches are slipping, especially if driven hard or used for towing which depending on how much the car is worth will probably write it off as its uneconomic to rebuild the gearbox or find a trustworthy replacement.

A 2nd hand box of similar mileage from a scrappy could be as bad or worse with no way to know until all the work of swapping it is done If it was a private sale or you find yourself stuck with the car and need to make the best of the situation then my suggestion would be to first find someone nearby with a Lexia one of the sticky threads has a list of forum members with Lexia's to get a diagnostic session run on the gearbox - if the clutches really are slipping there may be a fault code logged - although how much slip is required to log a fault I'm not sure, I've certainly seen a slipping clutches fault logged on an AL4 that I looked at that was loosing all drive after a while due to low oil pressure.

If you do see faults for a slipping clutch logged it might be useful evidence of a problem if you are going back to the seller. If it doesn't register any slipping clutch fault things might not be quite as bad, if its an AL4 the Lexia can also measure the "rail pressure" which is the main hydraulic pressure used to engage the clutches, there is a desired figure and an actual figure - they should track fairly close to each other. This can be monitored in real time while someone drives the car to see if there is any obvious loss of pressure.

The second thing I would do if trying to make the best of the situation you're in is to do one or more oil changes on the gearbox. Depending on the cause of the problem you might find that 2 or 3 oil changes spaced over a few weeks fixes the problem, each oil change only drains about half the oil out which is why it can take multiple changes to get the oil clean if its really dirty.

I had to do this on my 4HP20 which was showing signs of impending failure, making nasty groaning noises etc, and had absolutely black oil in it. It took a total of 4 changes to get the oil back to a nearly clean state, the symptoms it had are now gone and it's running quite well, touch wood.

citroen c5 automatic gearbox fault

There is no guarantee that oil changes will help, but its about the only thing you can do to an automatic gearbox short of a full rebuild, however autos are very sensitive to the cleanliness of the oil, it often does help and certainly did in my case so its worth a shot if you're keeping the car. Fingers crossed its nothing too serious.

I will try and find out as much as i can on tuesday when my local mechanic is back to work. Luckily i got the car for what i think was a decent price so am prepared to spend a little on it and i have a alfa diesel as back up. I will look to see about the lexia threads Thanks Jon. Each oil change is approximately 4 litres. Check the colour and condition of the oil that comes out on the first change - new oil is a light yellow colour.Jump to content.

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Posted 21 June - PM. Whoever creates the software for CUK lets hope they don't do any for aircraft. Posted 22 June - PM. Posted 26 June - PM. Posted 27 June - AM. Posted 27 June - PM. Posted 29 June - PM. Posted 05 July - PM. Posted 07 July - PM. Posted 08 July - PM. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. Members 92 posts.

Posted 18 June - PM Have been getting a strange problem on the Auto box of my 8 week old 2.Recently Asked Questions What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend? Can you suggest a reliable, economical and relatively cheap car for a young driver?

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Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum. Gearbox problems on a Citroen C5. I have just paid a deposit on an unseen C5 2.

I have been told by the dealer that the gearbox mounting is very worn and causes the vehicle to clunk when pulling away and during gear changes. Is this a common fault with this model? Should i walk away from the vehicle? Before you do that get a quote from a Citroen dealer for replacing all the engine and transmission mountings.

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