Am i genderfluid or just a tomboy

Please leave empty:. Very short. Long and flowing. I don't really care. Fairly short, but still able to be styled. Comments Change color. Kodi James Williams I got "So which gender are you, truly? You are a bonafide boy! You might not be the manliest male, but you're a male, nonetheless. And that's just fine. You're perfect" I re-worded it to make a bit more sense btw but yeah, i totally agree, i am FTM transgender.

Joanne I am gender fluid. My mum has known and is fine with it. I am also pansexual, my mum knows this too. She is bi. A confused "human" I don't know if I'm gender qeer and I honestly don't feel like I know myself really.

I want to try being the opposite gender to be really sure, but with trans-phobic and homo-phobic parents, I cant. Nonbinary and Proud Yo everyone, remember! This test doesn't define you it only gives you a direction and you should give that direction a lot of????? You are amazing and you will get there I promise. A confused gay I previously felt comfortable as a lesbian.

Who knows maybe I'm a boy who likes boys and girls. A confused Sarah Kassy Harper I was very confused about what I am and my friend says I'm genderfluid and this quiz proves to me that I am. Hi there Avie I think im trans but im not sure if it's a phase or not.You might be wondering as to why I have added genderqueer into the definitions section, though, I will explain as to why I did this in the end of this article. I felt the need to display all this information before you, in hopes to let you critique your own thoughts on the subject, before I approach you with the logic I applied to the subject.

Now let's get into details. The reason as to why this topic arose in my head is quite random actually. I, myself, consider my gender as nonbinary or andrgynous. To begin with, let me tell you a little about my own gender. People who classify themselves as nonbinary or androgyne Both words are also able to be used as genderqueer are simply neither male nor female; rather, they are both.

Like the so often-heard saying, "It's all or nothing! So in an essence, we are "white" because we don't fall on a "color spectrum", or rather, a gender spectrum. Therefore; we don't range higher on the scale towards a specific gender, but rather, we're like floating right in the middle of this imaginary masculine-feminine gender-scale I am trying to build in your imagination.

Despite this, our personalities, our psychological aspects, stay the same. I suppose to clarify this up more, I shall give an example of myself. I have female genitals, I would be considered a "woman" in societies view. However; may I also add I am pan-sexual, meaning I am able to fall in love with any human, despite your genitals I love for personality not looks. I don't shave my body hair. All these characteristics, despite whether I look more boy-ish or more girl-ish that day, stay the same within me.

Who I associate with may bring out character traits of a certain gender more than the other, but not on a large enough scale for me to suddenly say I have conversed from a male to female, or vise versa, in that time-being. Now this is where genderfluid comes into place.

Quiz: Are You A Tomboy Or A Girly-girl?

Most of the information I derived from this gender was given to me by the website I found the most trustworthy, which I will credit in link formation down below. This bombarded my thought process, because in my mind, I an androgyne person am also neither, but I don't "switch" between genders.

Here is where my research comes into play. Individuals who considers themselves to have a genderfluid gender identity, means at certain times, biased on solely how they feel they feel as though they are multiple genders at once, or move between singular gender identities. This feeling of a hard shift of gender in genderfluid people can happen as often as several times a day, perhaps only several times a week, monthly, or even less periodic than that.

Some genderfluid people regularly move between only a few specific genders keep in mind there are way over fifty genderssome as few as two one of the definitions of the bigender, genderwhereas others may never know what gender they will feel like next. That sounds like quiet a burden to me. To having to constantly go through life feeling like a gender-roller-coaster, though never knowing that that, in itself, is actually a gender!

Some people with fluid genders call themselves by other terms such as genderqueerbigender, multigender, or polygender. This is normally because they don't believe the word, genderfluid, describes their gender well enough.

Since fluid-gender can change from either two or more genders, it makes sense that someone who fluctuates between two genders may call themselves bigender, whereas those who fluctuate between more than two, would make more sense to be have a gender label of multigender. Now, back to that bold note I squeezed in at the top, why did I add the definitions of genderqueer? If you haven't noticed by now; I have stated that nonbinary people may be labeled as genderqueer as wellas can genderfluid people.

This may seem contradicting, so let's refer back to the definition. It says that genderqueer people are either a gender other than male or female, a combination of the two, a flunctuation between the two genders, or a constant state of questioning one's gender identity.Alright I've asked the same thing a couple times but I'm having a bit of a hard time with it.

So I've been bisexual for a couple years now and I have a boyfriend currently and talked to him about it, but there's been some stuff going through my head. Recently, one of my best friends came out trans really happy for him :3 and he said before that I came across as a "pan sexual, gender queer type". So me being me I too his words and thought about it and how it might be true.

Since I was little I was always a really big tomboy. Like, I had no girl friends for a while. And I wore guys clothes etc. And later, in my teens and recently, I'm like, I wish I was a boy more and more often. I've been binding my chest which is hard, cuz I'm a D and doing my hair which I cut short in more boyish styles, and wearing clothes that are guys and acting more guyish and just wishing more and more that I was.

But then, other days, I dress up totally girly and act the total girl part and that's when I don't bind and wear makeup and do my hair cute. If it matters, which it doesn't really, I generally like girls more, which I think is part of why I want to be a guy.

am i genderfluid or just a tomboy

But at the same time, I say, "my body is a girl, but my head isn't". And I'm afraid, if I am, to come out to my mom cuz I feel Like if I say this, people are just gonna look at me like I'm looking for attention or something, especially my family.

They still think that I'm bi for 3 years in a phase or something. So, my questions are, does it seem like I'm genderfluid, any binding tips, and does it seem like I'm fake here? Wow, you seem really confused. I didn't even know there was a word "gender-fluid" until now.

am i genderfluid or just a tomboy

I don't know how old you are so I think you should wait until you mature and your hormones aren't confusing you. Genderfluid is a legitimate gender identity and you can't let anyone make you think that what you feel is wrong or that you're confused.

Personally most of the time I feel female but everyone once and a while I doubt myself. I've bought a binder from underworks but I don't have any guys' clothes. If you are not then I think you should do what makes you happy because dysphoria sucks more than not being accepted I think that you are genderfluid. You're feelings of gender are stronger than just wanting to cross dress and the fact that there are days when you feel "girly" tells me that your identity does change, I guess it would be the difference between if you actually feel like a girl on those days or if you just want to dress like a girl.

If you do just like to dress girly sometimes and don't truly feel like your personal identity is a girl then I would say your actually FTM. Genderfluidity really has no one specific "type. I'm kind-of having the same struggle as you, and you should know that there are definitely people like you out there!

See, I'm biologically female and am comfortable in my gender, yet there are times where I feel like sounding, acting, looking, and even smelling like a guy is more my forte. I don't really identify in either binary, since my school and the community I've grown up in has always been very strict; you're either one or the other.

At the mere THOUGHT of me becoming transgender my mom started breaking down into tears, The girls have always been very girly and the boys very boyish I've been mistaken for a boy a few times, since I usually wear hoodies, and I noticed it didn't really bother me.

I think the point of identifying as genderfluid is that you wear what you want to, sound how you want to, and act like you want to on any specific day. If you wake up and feel more boyish that day, then wear what makes you comfortable!

If you feel more girlish, then why not dress up?? The point isn't to care what others think, but what YOU think. If you feel good in what you wear, then don't worry about what others say.

I really don't think you need therapy for it either- you're not confused, you're just not sure where you stand on the spectrum of gender yet. The family issue is hard, I know. But you just have to be yourself.Gender fluid people move from one gender to another or more! It definitely seems like this is happening in your case. Bigender people can include gender fluid people as well as people who always identify as two genders all the time. Either term seems potentially applicable in your case, although gender fluid or even trigender to distinguish between tomboy-woman, man, and the mix of the two as being different gendersalthough this term is not so common may more clearly describe that your identity is shifting.

Gender presentation or sex identity is another thing. If you feel like your presentation is masculine or your body perception is more male not sure which you had meant from your messagethis falls under presentation or how you want to view your physical body depending on what you had meant instead.

This may or may not be connected to your gender identity, depending on whether you feel there is a link between presentation, how you view your body, and gender identity or not.

I’m Genderfluid And Here’s What I’d Like You To Know

May 8th, Am I Genderqueer, Genderfluid or bigender? I have both tomboy-female and solid male genders but I'm also a mix. I was born female yet always felt more like male with some exceptions. Usually I feel like i'm male, sometimes sort of a mix between my male and tomboy-female with more emphasis on the male. Other times i'm just a tomboy-woman or can be both with more emphasis on female. I can be one for a long time or change back and forth depending on situations, but I always like to look more male.

The aim of Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities is to provide awareness, information, and resources for genderqueer, non-binary, questioning, and gender non-conforming people and their allies.I think the best way to look at your situation as it stands is to begin to understand that gender is a spectrum.

Imagine a colour-wheel, if you can, with all the thousands of shades of each colour. Everyone falls somewhere on the spectrum, but how close you are to male, female or somewhere in between is un-related to your genitals and biological body. It may be that you will wind up being a 'gender fluid' individual, where you identify with a more male persona but are able to remain in a female body and find some kind of happy medium.

You say that you are attracted to men. Well many transexual men transguys identify as gay males and remember, gay guys aren't just attracted to gay men. Sexuality and gender are un-related, too. I am a transgender male who is attracted to men, and therefore am a gay male. I think its important to be honest about how you feel to people you become close to, as that can otherwise lead to a lack of satisfaction in your life. For example, if you are a transman, you will actually find you don't want to be loved or sexually attractive AS a woman.

You will want to be attractive as a man. This in turn will mean you don't want to use your body sexually in the role of a woman, this will be disgusting to you. Ask your self how you feel about your body? Transmen will hate their breasts and pray they could wake up one morning without them. Do you feel like this? Do you only feel comfortable in male clothing? Do you hate being referred to with female pro-nouns such as she?

Or do these things not bother you? Anyway, to sum up, There are a lot of women who feel more comfortable in a more masculine role and presentation and are not transmen. You are young and still exploring your self. If this becomes a problem that affects the day to day function of your life, then it may be time to speak to a therapist trained in gender identity issues and work through some of your feelings to establish what is really going on with you.

In the meantime, don't worry, and be YOU. You're part of a wonderful rainbow and just express whatever you are and don't be afraid. If you've felt this way for so long, it's most likely not a phase. Before i knew i was trans, i asked myself the same question.

The differentiating factor for me was asking myself if i was comfortable in my body, as in my sex organs and gender-variating characteristics. Of course, you don't have to take hormones and have surgeries to be transgender just transsexual. If you still don't know, then i'd try going to different places where no one knows you and trying presenting yourself differently and see which is more comfortable.

Perhaps pick a name to go by if you are transgender and use it when ordering food. If you don't want to experiment publicly, try using your new name, or different pronouns and seeing which one is more comfortable to be addressed as.By Lirpaderp, January 2, in Gender Discussion. My family keeps telling me it's normal to be a tomboy as a kid and that one day I'll grow out of this phase. I finally acknowledged that I'm not a girl, at this point can it still a phase?

am i genderfluid or just a tomboy

How can you tell the difference between your gender identity and just another phase? At what age do the tomboy kids "grow up" and become women? How long do I have to wait before I know what I am for sure? I can't picture myself growing old as a woman. I can picture myself growing old as a man.

I feel best in social situations where people think I'm a boy. Getting a binder was the best decision I've ever made. What are the odds my thoughts will change? Is there any way I can be sure about any of this? Not to scare you, bit I outgrew that. Well, having transitioned socially to a large degree? So not as a result of sitting and waiting However, I didn't "grow up to be a woman", whatever it means.

I was scared of it as hell back in my teens. Moreover, I wasn't a tomboy growing up. I turned into a tomboy? I mean, they are the same people with the same behaviours and personalities and interests, just wearing different clothes and no longer dress-averse.

At some point, being a boy started to feel fake too.

am i genderfluid or just a tomboy

Not that I'm not a boy It's so rigid. Up to you, though, how you go about it. I just want to be myself and do my thing and be happy, boxes suck. Society sucks in some ways. In all this mess, you need to find what "your thing" is and do it, regardless of how people perceive you, because you can't influence that in many ways.

I second waiting if you want to be sure. However, the waiting might take long. At the same time, I'd say do whetever you want to do, hesitate just with medical steps, because they are permanent. I've been doing all the masculine things I can and avoiding girly things naturally, but I feel like if I was seen as a boy I could embrace the feminine parts of me.

Like, I could be a bearded manly man but have fun with nail polish every once in a while. But that wouldn't make me less of a boy Why not just do it if you feel like it?Empty Closets. This site uses cookies.

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Clarifying The Difference Between Genderfluid And Nonbinary/Androgynous

Learn More. Non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, or just a tomboy?? Thread Tools Thread Tools. Hi, my name is Britt. I'm new here. I basically found this site with hopes that someone could help me understand my gender identity. I am a biological female.

Most of the time I feel female, but sometimes calling myself female just doesn't fit. Sometimes I feel way closer to a man than a woman, but this is only occasionally.

At first I identified as genderfluid I feel like a woman, but not what society would call a 'woman'. Like a said before, there is a rare occasion when I actually feel more like a man on some days It's like I'm constantly in an in-between state, but usually more female.

I don't know if this is relatable or making sense to any of you, but I really need some guidance or advice. I feel so lost about this whole thing. I just want to be comfortable in my skin and I feel like in order to do that I need to get this solved.

Any and all comments and help are welcome. Thank you in advance. Acm Guest.

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